GPU Memory Issue 10.1

Started by cornerofthemoon, February 19, 2021, 01:30:18 PM

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Ever since I installed the 10.1 update, I can only get about 100 frames of GPU rendering before the card craps out and runs out of memory. It doesnt matter the size and complexity of the keyshot file. This was not a problem in version 10. Any one know what's going on? Keyshot tech support blamed it on the latest NVIDIA driver but even after downgrading that the problem persists.


Update. I re-installed 10.0 and the problem went away. Keyshot please fix this. In 10.1 the GPU memory requirements increase with every subsequent frame in an animation about 200-300 mb until the card ultimately runs out of memory. If it's some new setting or preference I'm missing someone please let me know.



GPU is a finicky beast, be sure your GPU dirvers are up to date. If you can post your system specs as well that might help out. Also you can contact support directly and they can help you out more than posting on the forum.


I have been having GPU memory leak issue since Keyshot 9. In some version it used to run out of memory faster, in some used to stay working longer.
I have gtx 1070ti which not rtx but nevertheless renders fine! But with some time, say in 100 framses or so, it runs out of memory! Every time, on every scene! Drivers are up-to-date. KS 10.1
I also have a laptop with gtx 1060 which renders without memory issues, very stable but much slower. KS 10.0
Any ideas on what is going on with the memory leak on gtx 1070?
Will give a try on 1070 with KS 10.0, but as far as I remember it also had the same issue, but maybe not ran out of memory that fast as 10.1.


Hi everyone!
I'm new to the forum.
I have some problem turning on GPU mode: I can't, some error messages appear every time I try.
The main message is : "Reduce number of polygons or the size of each texture.
But the model is not so heavy neither texture, I can't understand it.  :-\

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance


Valentino, as far as I understand that error simply means that your GPU doesn't have enough memory to render the scene you're working on. You might get more answers if you make a post of your own since it's not really relevant to this one. It happens to me when I load a large model with a lot of large textures, in those cases I have to stick to CPU rendering.


it seems you have very low GPU