How to Make Speaker Wire Frame for Sonos Speaker

Started by mrkwlkn99, July 05, 2021, 05:57:49 AM

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Hello! I am new to Keyshot and have just been using it for about 10 days now.  Hoping I can be pointed in the right direction with a problem I'm having.

I am trying add textures to make this speaker:

Everything is going well except the speaker wire frame. All those little black holes that go around the speaker. I have tried adding "Steel Rough 10mm Circular Mesh" as the texture, but I can't change the circles into the elliptical shapes that I need.

I also tried making my own texture/mesh to add, please see the attachment. That didn't work too well either. I also don't know how to make the holes look like they are 3D and have the light reflect correctly off them.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


It looks like a planar projection. Just try the cylindrical mapping type. If this doesn't bring the right look, then you need to unwrap the surface and use UV mapping.

You'll find plenty of well and detailed entries in this forum.

Written in short form on a mobile device.

Hope that helps to find the right solution.



Thanks INNEO_MWo!! I changed it to cylindrical and it seems to be working much better! Cheers!


What you should try to do as well is to combine the opacity map with a bump map. You can chose to simply blur the texture slightly and use that as bumpmap, but for more accuracy, select the white or black parts, copy that to a new layer and use an inner or outer glow effect to control the size of the transition. That way you create some curvature in the mesh and you get nice highlights around the openings.