Smart Export: what does what?

Started by benjig, July 18, 2021, 11:39:07 PM

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So i've been playing around with the Smart Export for a bit and i have a few questions.
When i first tried it using a scene i was givien, i'm pretty sur that it would Unwrap UVs and bake the textures ... Meaning when i then imported the model into Blender, most the materials would have textures files.
Now in 10.2 it doesn't seem to bake the textures, or at least not with the new scene that i was given, and so when i import into Blender, the materials are just basic PBR materials with corresponding values.

My thinking is that it depends on the material used in Keyshot on how the model/material is exported using Smart Export. But i can't seem to find this information anywhere.

Does the surface need to be UV Unwrapped ?
If not, does Keyshot Auto Unwrap on export ?
Which materials are exported like this ?

I'll take the example of the Metallic Paint, now with Basic PBR shaders, you can make push the metallic up and you have something the looks ok (this is how it seems the material is currently exported to GLB), but is there no way to bake the flakes that have been configured in Keyshot ?

I hope this makes sense.