Keyshot Cloud Materials not loading textures

Started by Kane Illustration, July 08, 2021, 07:53:47 PM

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Kane Illustration

Hi Everyone,
I have a problem with using materials downloaded from Keyshot Cloud that have textures.  Without fail I get a message like one in the image "Cannot Load Texture..."  The only materials that work from Keyshot Cloud are ones with no textures or ones using only the preinstalled ones.

I am running Keyshot 10.2 on a iMac 2019 i9 with 64gb ram running Mac Big Sur 11.4.

Any help here would be very appreciated.

Kyle Kane

Niko Planke


I just tried on our end using Mac Big Sur 11.4. and the latest version of 10.2 and could not observe any issues.
This might be caused by an issue with your KeyShot installation.

I suggest you try a fresh install of KeyShot and contact [email protected]
Also make sure that you have sufficient space on your disk.


Kane Illustration

Thanks for getting back to me.  Here's a little update.

So I forgot to mention that I am using Keyshot for ZBrush.  I did a full reinstall, first deleting all related Keyshot files, resources, Cloud Handler, etc.

When I launched it for the first time, it seemed as though everything was fixed, Downloading materials from Keyshot Cloud was working properly.  Then I downloaded the extra Keyshot Assets from the Keyshot site and the ZBrush content installer from Pixologic that adds the clay materials and HDRI's.

Now, the Keyshot Cloud is broken again for me and I get the exact same message as before "Cannot Load Texture".

So I am going to try to reinstall yet again.  This time I will not install any of the extra content and see if that is where the issue is.

I am not sure what suddenly goes wrong when install the extra content but that was when Keyshot Cloud stopped working properly for me.

Kane Illustration

Another quick update. I did another fresh install of Keyshot for ZBrush and this time I didn't add any of the Keyshot Assets from the Keyshot site or the Keyshot for ZBrush content from Pixologic.

So far, I am no longer having the "Cannot Load Texture..." problem with downloading materials from Keyshot Cloud.

At this point I feel like the issue stems from installing the extras either from the Keyshot or Pixologic installers.  As they are not necessary for me at all, I am simply going to avoid installing them and just make the materials I can't get from the Keyshot Cloud.

It's a strange problem and I don't know if it is isolated to the Mac side of things or not.  Perhaps one of the extras installers does something to the textures resource folder permissions.  No Idea.

I will update this if anything changes in the next few days.