Using a Downloaded Texture Correctly

Started by mrkwlkn99, August 04, 2021, 10:09:20 AM

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Hi everyone! I downloaded a carpet texture that I am trying to load correctly in Keyshot. It came will the following texture maps:

- diffuse
- displacement
- specular
- normal
- ambient occlusion

My problem is that I'm not really sure how to plug all these into keyshot. I have attached the texture image, my material graph, and what my carpet looks like. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


turn off the displacement and get that looking the way you want to. That' the first task,

for the displacement, lower the amount way down and increase the number of triangles until you get the detail you need for how close up you will be


For the AO, I tend to always use a Toon material to basically set how much AO I would like by playing with the shadow color. Once I have generated the images I implement the custom AO image to get just the shadowing that I would like without overdoing it. I do believe you can plug in Ambient into the Advanced material.


Thanks mattjgerard and KristofDeHulsters! I will give it a try!