RGB window names

Started by Morgan, July 29, 2021, 03:53:39 AM

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I'm sorry about the circumstances that I have caused here, English is not my mother tongue (germany), thank you for your efforts.
It's just like that on my PC, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed.


Hello Morgan.

If you still got some issues, just write me a PM in German and we'll find some solution!



thank you for your helpful answers Marco,

Quote from: INNEO_MWoIf you're missing some Pantone or other colors, that can be found in Photoshop but not in KeyShot, you can copy the web code of the color (that way is easier then using the RGB values) and paste it into KeyShot's color dialog (RGB section). For easy re-use, you can save these colors in a custom palette.

I will definitely try that out.