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Solid To Transparent Gradient on Glass


Hi All
I am trying to get a gradient applied to either glass or plastic that starts off as a solid color on the top  (blue lets say) that transitions into a yellow and then goes to the clear transparency of the material so the bottom is slightly see through. Can anyone help with some guidance on this?
I've been playing with the gradient / material graph settings and have made some progress but not quite what I am after. Probably plugging my gradient settings into the wrong locations as I've experimented with opacity, roughness, and diffuse but just not getting what I'm after.

Thank you in advance.


Try something like this.

Thank you for sharing...I'll take a look; at first glance I think this is exactly what I want. I didn't apply the opacity mask in combination with the material gradation which I think is what my issue was.

much appreciated.



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