How to achive the correct way of Post Processing in Keyshot?

Started by simolius, August 30, 2021, 06:52:28 AM

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I have an issue with Keyshot, 10,2 

every time i want to render an image (with all Layers and Renderpasses) i get all the renderpasses as an black output? Is it correct?
And how to achieve the correct Post Process in Keyshot? (Everytime i add the passes like in the Keyshot Tutorials i get even a black composit image....)

Linear Dodge all Passes in Photoshop but still get a  black image.


Thanks für the quick response repsonse.

Eugen Fetsch

At the moment the compositing works for a limited number of materials like glas, paint and plastic. It doesn't work for metal, volumetric, SSS or any other materials. So there is no functioning post processing workflow available for KS passes compositing now.


Hmm, do you mind sharing the package file? Render passes only come out black if that pass is empty (such as rendering the caustics pass without caustics on). They shouldn't all be black.


I think this topic can be closed. because Keyshot dont have (/delivers) a good solution for this kind off profesional prost processing. May be  Keyshot  can updated this feature in the upcoming next updates!? With a better Multipass Output and Pipeline Worklflow. 

Thank you@ all very much for your quick and nice repsonse.

Kind regards simon