Started by Metin Seven, October 10, 2021, 11:35:40 PM

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Metin Seven


I'm wondering:

  • Is there a difference in realism between using physical lights and HDRI pin lights? Pin lights should be small or the HDRI resolution high for sharp shadows, but is there maybe a difference in accuracy in how the light rays and reflections are sampled?
  • Is there a difference in rendering result / quality when using CPU versus GPU? Keyshot used to be CPU-only, and I've read that certain types of rendering computations are not very suitable for GPU rendering.

Many thanks in advance for your answer(s).


Hello Metin.

Maybe a video from Esben Oxholm will show the differences between physical lights and HDRI lighting.

This has to render in CPU and GPU to compare and answer your second question. There might little or huge differences depending of the scene materials. Not all material types will look similar in GPU mode as rendered in CPU mode, wich is way more accurate than GPU.

Hope that helps a bit?!


Metin Seven

Many thanks Marco, much appreciated!

This definitely answers my question about HDRI pin lights versus physical lights. Now I'm only still curious what the differences are between CPU and GPU rendering results.


interesting thing u've mentioned.