Network render over the internet (TLS?)

Started by ddit, September 30, 2021, 09:34:56 AM

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Currently, when colleauges are working from home, they connect the VPN back to the office to access some resources, including the network render farm we have.

As more and more of our daily work utilises cloud services, the requirement of a VPN is only for the legacy apps still running on-premise. For security reasons we are considering removing the VPN.

Could users submit their network render jobs to our render farm just using TLS to a public facing IP address (assuming we port forward all the necessary ports on our firewall of course).

I obviously want to prevent any random person on the internet submitting jobs to our render farm, so a self-signed certificate seems the best way, then distribute the public key to our designated computers. Right?

Is this safe/secure? Is anyone setup this way? Is this even what the TLS feature is meant for?!


+1 - wish there were a little more information on setting this up. VPN slows everything down tremendously. Hope you get an answer!