Mixamo to Keyshot (via Blender?)

Started by seveneightyseven, March 21, 2022, 03:59:26 AM

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Hello everyone,

I was trying to import a posed character from Mixamo.com into Keyshot. I've tried several file formats, all of them failed to deliver the required result.
When importing .fbx it doesn't recognize the animation, there are animations displayed in the timeline for all objects, yet they don't do anything and the character remains in its T-pose.

I've also tried to go via Blender, in that case I managed to have the character remain the correct pose via an alembic file, but then all the UV-mapping is lost.
So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place - either no materials and UV mapping, or no pose.

Whats the best route from mixamo to Keyshot? mixamo can provide several .fbx files (binary, ASCII, 6,7,...) and Collada.

I couldn't raelly find a process or tutorial online, so I'm turning here for help. Thank you all in advance!



Which version of KeyShot are you using?

Support for the type of animation that Mixamo uses was added in KeyShot 11, so downloading the animations as the standard binary .fbx should work.


Oh, I forgot to mention, sorry. Running Keyshot 10.2 here. Guess we'll need to upgrade then. Thank you for the quick reply!