help with blown out reflections on floor

Started by Greg_R, November 10, 2021, 07:02:54 AM

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help or knowledge as to why this is happening.  I have a metal object that I'm rendering on a textured glossy floor.  Its reflections on the floor seem to be 100x brighter than the object itself causing a massive blow out.  First image is a screenshot of a high res rendering where you can see the reflection blowing out on the floor.  In the second image, I turned off the roughness texture and made the color black to better see what is going on in the reflection.  Here you see that the metal object, in the reflection, is much brighter.  Am I missing a setting or something?  Thanks in advance.  Also I'm in keyshot 10 on a 2018 Macbook Pro, 2.6GHz i7.


Make sure that none of your materials are 0 roughness (this doesn't exist in real life), turn of caustics if they are on. Change the refractive index. It's really depending on how your scene is setup unfortunately. Alternatively you can output the different passes and dim down the reflection significantly in post.

Hope this helps!


I would narrow it down one by one because something fishy is definitely going on here.

Make the floor material a matte paint texture with about 0.5 on the roughness scale and see what happens then.

Take a look at your scene lighting. Is it lit up using area lights or emissives?

You don't have any weird planes with the ground material applied do you or the option to "clip geometry below ground" checked?