Improving Lighting/Environment

Started by CodyBrown, March 14, 2022, 01:44:15 PM

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looking at all the other scenes you guys are able to render the results are really incredible. this is just one example of many i've seen that look so real its hard to tell if its a render or actually sitting there.

i want to get my lighting and environment skills to the next level and be able to produce breath taking renders like these. ive attached 3 of our most recent marketing images from our newest model we just announced. i want to be able to really make it pop and not just look flat and basic.

everything i do in keyshot has been self-taught over the last 2 years and picked up through the manual and tutorial videos. if anybody has any good pointers, basic things to start with, a good youtube tutorial channel, or anything at all that can help get me going in the right direction or start me on a path to it would be greatly appreciated!