Improper Scale Rotation on Import

Started by phatty70, March 22, 2022, 03:43:22 AM

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Hello All,
Been using Keyshot for many years but not active here on the forums.  Hoping that some of the OG's can lend a hand :)

• Keyshot 10.2 Pro
• Exporting from Creo with Plugin (keyshot11_creo7_plugin.dll)

• Scaling incorrect on all imports (see attached image)
• Rotation/Position off on all imports
• Able to manually update rotation values without problem
• Unable to scale object back down to "1".  Changing scale to value of 1 results in value of 1000, trying again updates scale value to 0
• Main issue is then the need to scale all texture files in our pallette.

Anyone else having this issue?  Any workarounds?

Erik Williams

From the looks of it you may have downloaded the wrong Creo plugin. From what you have written the plugin installed was for KeyShot 11 while you are using KeyShot 10.
This might not be the cause of the import issue, but uninstall the current plugin and download the Creo 7 for KeyShot 10 plugin at

Let us know what happens.


Erik Williams
Luxion Customer Service


If you import the bip files from creo plugin, then always turn on the camera option. This and the right plugin should work well