Keyshot 10 Creo Exporter

Started by phatty70, June 25, 2021, 05:41:16 AM

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The KS support I worked with through the Luxion Support Site was very good to work with when I was having issues with my Creo plugins. Def. recommend if you haven't worked that route yet - they can remote in with you and see it happen real-time and work through fixes if need be. 


Managed to identify the root cause on this issue.  In some of our older assembles it seems that components that are failing placement (BOLD RED in model tree) are excluded by the Keyshot Exporter.  Applying a fix constraint to this components results in a successful export.  This is a big issue for us since PTC has deprecated config option regen_failure_handling.  Hoping the next update to the exporter will address this!


Perhaps the config option freeze_failed_components yes might help within Creo?