Keyshot 10 - handling nurbs imported geometry, and split polygon models

Started by Optimusglen, January 28, 2022, 10:41:23 AM

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Hi all, wanted to post a general question here before kicking it over to support.

Last month I upgraded from KS8 PRO to KS10 PRO with a maintenance package. Still trying to smooth the transfer.

First thing, in my rendering I typically use a mix of polygon imported models such as obj and FBX, and also NURBS models I've created myself. This imported nurbs data, sometimes it's solids, other times its surfaces. I model nurbs in Creo. I've seen that occasionally the nurbs solid surfaces look different than the surface surfaces, to the point where it's unuseable. They look like they're overrun with noise. If I split the solid and remove the underlying surface (think, the underside of a car hood) then the surfaces and materials look right. The materials applied are simple, paint material in a color with no texture.

Second thing, If I split surfaces off a part, it seems that KS10 creates a copy of the original in the tree. For files I created in KS10 it's not an issue because I can find and hide it right away, and lock it. On the other hand, if I bring a KS8 file into KS10, it shows all these copied parts, sometimes small and hard to see until I have the full picture rendered out, and then I have to bin it and start over. Is there any workaround for this?


NURBS Solids will perform best.

Are you importing .asm, .igs, or .stp? If you're using IGES or STEP be sure to export BREP Solids.

Do you have to use NURBS?