Issue importing gear mates in animation

Started by, July 09, 2021, 11:46:41 AM

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I'm trying to import an animation into Keyshot from solidworks.

There is a gear mate with a 20:1 ratio.

When it is brought into Keyshot one gear and any parts mated to it move semi-randomly. I have done a lot of testing and have found that if I do not mate any associated parts to the gear that moves randomly the animation is imported as expected.

I need the other parts in the animation

I have attached a preview animation of the issue.


It looks like, that some keyframes does not work properly. I would try to look into the Solidworks motion study properties. Maybe the framerate can be set to to the same values like in KeyShot, so both programs use a similar "speed". Otherwise the rotation animation could be recreated with a user defined curve very easily.
That scene doesn't look very confidential. You maybe are allowed to upload the SWX files and the KSP?

Thanks so much for replying.
I believe the framerates are both 30.
I will try to recreate the rotation animation within Keyshot but I would love for the import to work correctly as I have a bunch of gear mate animations coming up and they will be more complicated.
Here is a link to the files they are not super confidential but please do not share them as they are a product:



Hi Jonathan

I can reproduce the issue with the wobbly animation in KeyShot.
It looks like the SOLIDWORKS assembly in the files you uploaded is missing a part though. Can you do a 'Pack and Go' in SOLIDWORKS, to make sure all files are included?


I removed the missing file reference in the Solidworks assembly and made a new pack and go.
The new zip in the same folder and called: Lamp solidworks
The assembly I use for the motion study is Lamp Moving.SLDASM
Here is the link again: