Is the Zbrush Keyshot bridge license possible with Keyshot 11?

Started by Morgan, February 09, 2022, 05:46:18 AM

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Hello Luxion,
I have keyshot 10 Pro with a Zbrush license /bridge, can I download and use keyshot 11 with my license,
or do I have to buy a new license for keyshot 11 and if so at what price, or is the bridge worthless?

With kind regards,


Thanks for the answer @TGS808,

Unfortunately, that doesn't answer the question.
The problem is that Pixologic/Maxon have not received any information so far, not even in their own forum! We don't even know if the bridge will continue to exist at all.

And the Maxon Support answers the following:
You can contact Pixologic direct for pricing options to upgrade your bridge license KeyShot 11. Once you have done this my team can get the license set up for you.

Synje Andersen

Hi Christian,

You will have to do what Maxon says and write to Pixologic directly or check out their support site.
The ZBrush bridge is developed, licensed and supported by Pixologic. Any support Luxion can offer might be very limited.

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Hello Synje,

affects everyone with a ZBrush bridge license

KeyShot Upgrades (KS 11 Now Available)

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Bought and updated, everything worked immediately without any problems, as a tip to everyone, if you leave KeyShot 10 (Pro) on the PC,
all folders, works and licenses will be automatically transferred and migrated to Keyshot 11.