How to achieve such a glare effect?

Started by qggjonny, February 10, 2022, 12:06:43 AM

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This is a screenshot from KeyShot 11 SNEAK PEEK, thanks

Will Gibbons

It's done in post production. Looks like it was generated in After Effects or similar.


I do this in AE. KS has a glow effect, but sometimes it can produce flicker but when it works properly it is actually a nice addition to my AE workflow.


Make an old school sprite!  :o

Once you have a glare image/animation apply it to the color and opacity of an emissive material and turn off visible in shadows.  Then apply the newly created glare material to a geometry plane. The glare should be apparent at this point so adjust to your liking. Then move/animate the plane into position in the scene.