Black band cuts the image rendering but it'snot present in the working preview

Started by caleido, January 14, 2022, 07:34:49 AM

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When I work with the image I don't see the black band. When I render the image at 9500px X 6717 px a black band comes out at the bottom. If I decrease the size of the render, for example 9400px x 6646 px the band remains but smaller. When I get to 9100 px X 6434 px the black band disappears: can you tell me why this happens? Thank you. Gianni


I discovered that the problem cuold be the clown level rendering. When I flag it I see the band into the render, when I don't flag it the black band disappear! Why? Can You helm me?

Niko Planke

Hey Caleido,

It looks like you discovered a bug.
Please contact and provide them with a step by step description and if possible a test scene showcasing the issue.

Best Regards