HDRI reflect in ground

Started by kosmicro, March 10, 2022, 09:20:27 AM

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Hello guys!
So I have to do these renders with a mirrorlike ground and a black environment.

In some angles, like in the example attached, I can see the hdri reflected into the ground, and this bothers me, I would like to see only the light reflected from the object.

In an old post I read that maybe setting the background to solid black, but it already is and I still have these reflections.

What can I do? I want this high contrast and dramatic hdri, but I don't want the ground to reflect it.


The environment  is reflecting off your subject then reflecting on the ground plane. See images 1-4

The fix, duplicate the object and rotate it 180 and fake the ground reflection. See image 5.


Hey DT! That's really useful, thank you!