KeyFrame Animations - Copy/Paste Position

Started by tbeczak, May 18, 2022, 12:06:33 PM

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Is there a way to use the Copy Position / Paste Position data to KeyFrame animate an object?

I have a scene where I am straightening a spine with scoliosis.
From Solidworks 2022, I imported the deformed spine, as well as the end result, the straight spine.

Image 01, I show the target object and location. (blue-ish)
Image 02, I show the original position - (White)
Image 03, shows those two images overlayed (not that far off from one another)
Image 04, shows the result of Copy Position / Paste Position under the move tool (the alignment is perfect, but it snaps into position as soon as you click the 'Paste Position' button))
Image 05, shows the result of animating the translations and rotations of the white rod and pliers to match the data of the target rod (blue-ish)

Is there a way to pull the data Keyshot is using to match those positions so I can manually animate them? Or, is there a way to combine the Original position, hold it with a keyframe, then move the timeline forward, paste target position on the original and add another keyframe?

**Scene file too large to upload**