Any update on PSD's not getting thumbnails?

Started by mattjgerard, May 05, 2022, 12:51:07 PM

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Rendered photoshop files don't get thumbnails generated, the windows thumbnail just shows white. Open the PSD file, make some small change, and save it, then the thumbnail appears. Is there a way to force KS to create a thumbnail in the PSD file?


Hello mattjgerard,

the question is great  :) thank you, but Microsoft has probably no desire to clarify that with Adobe, this also happens with the .psd files when Zbrush creates textures and export the .psd, same here I have to  make some changes, and save it for the thumbnail.
But it doesn't always work, so I had to install another program as well "MysicThumbs" to have a preview thumbnail of all my .psd files the new and the old ones and that with a fresh Windows 11 installation.


I'm not 100% sure that's the problem. I think that there is no thumbnail being embedded into the PSD file by keyshot when its created. If I open the psd in photoshop, add a white bkgd and save, photoshop creates an embeded thumbnail and the previews show in windows.


windows 11 thumbnail preview, if I google it ,then it seems there are loads of windows users who are having the same problem.
Of course I have hundreds of textures, if I didn't get any previews of all Photoshop files, be it psd, tiff, tga, png, that would be really bad  :(


I'm on windows 10 for now, and as far as I recall this has been the case since my first days with keyshot. I have done tons of troubleshooting on this issue, but the only way to see the PSD thumbnail in windows of a raw render psd is with Adobe Bridge (which rebuilds the thumbnails externally) or by opening PSD files, make a change and then save it which forces photoshop to rebuild the embedded thumbnail. I just don't think KS is creating the embedded thumbnail when it renders a PSD file.


A very simple Photoshop action would solve this. Open, save, close - action running via batch in Photoshop or as droplet.

Anindo Ghosh

Wait, so the recommended solution is not to fix KeyShot to include thumbnails in the PSD, but to require users to run an action on their rendered images before they can simply see thumbnails in the folder listing?

Of course, I fully understand that adding thumbnails to the PSD file format might either require licensing / obtaining permission to use the standard from Adobe, or might not be published at all.

If that's the case, that could be a reasonable response from Luxion - "We can't do it due to matters beyond our control", or "We'll add it to our feature request queue for some time within the next year".


Quote from: INNEO_MWo on May 09, 2022, 07:39:00 AM
A very simple Photoshop action would solve this. Open, save, close - action running via batch in Photoshop or as droplet.

This should be unnecessary. Also, its not a simple open save close operation, if there is no change to the file, it won't regenerate the embedded thumbnail, so an action like that wouldn't work. I have an action that adds a white background turns it off and saves and closes, but would be really nice just to have KS fix it.


I agree, it's definitely an annoyance and I know other apps have successfully embedded PSD thumbnails so I'm guessing it's not a landslide of development effort on Luxion's side.. But, in the interim, I've been using and it's actually great on many levels and seamlessly integrates into Windows Explorer, I almost forgot about this issue until reading this haha.. It's been great, especially when dealing with render farm output files where naming gets tricky and it's nice to just SEE everything right there in Explorer..

Will Gibbons

I can also recommend fastpictureviewer codecs