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Spot lighting?

Started by solodesign, April 09, 2010, 04:03:57 AM

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Is there any way to get a spotlight effect (or a series of spotlight effect)?
For example: rendering the interior of a restaurant I would like to place spots over each table.
How can I do that?
Thank you.



My guess is that you'd have to create an HDRI in Photoshop that is completely black and use the brush to create some white circles where you want your spotlights to be.  It will probably be a lot of trial and error getting the white circles where you want them to be, but that is how I'd approach it.  You would basically be painting in your lights, since Keyshot doesn't allow for actual lights.


I just did some nice lighting effects in photoshop by layering the same image. Playing with expose and contrast.  Then used the easer brush on the top layer selectively to allow the brighter layer to show through. 


So am I to guess that if I don't have photoshop (strictly a 3d cad designer) I won't be able to make any spotlighting effects? Not that I need any now but sounds like a neat idea if I could do it.


Create a spot light3D model giving the bulb a texture and bring that into you scene, moving it accordingly.

Use General material and apply it to the bulb. Dbl click to bring up the material dialogue and selct an HDRI as a texture. Set the colors to what you want and bump up the indirect multiplier and it should function as a spot.

There is a hypershot tutorial on YouTube showing how to do this.


I was sharing one approach that I have tried.. the photoshop one.   I'm there are other ways.    As with rendering there are several ways to get a similar effect or look.


Once you have rendered in Keyshot, modify the picture with Lightartist from Vicman. Its a free download and 5 minutes to learn. Mucho easier than PS and a bit cheaper too.



Cool. I will try these when I get a chance.


I just had a "DUH" moment. 

I wanted to underlight something recently.  Sure, I knew how to apply light emissives, but I only ever did it to existing model parts.  It never occurred to me to actually build in an extra object to a model that I could then apply an HDR to.  Man......too much Red Bull or somethin'......


like putting in an actual ground plane - merging with the current scene?