Blender to Keyshot Plugin Does not work

Started by Nicksushkevich, July 22, 2022, 03:16:11 PM

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Hi! I've installed the KeyShot for Blender Plugin Version 1.2
to Blender and tried both Export and Send to options, none of which is working. Export just created a zero bytes .bip file and Send To is stuck forever with progress bar (I left it overnight).
I'm on MacOS 11.6.7 Keyshot version is 11.0.0

What could be the issue?


The Blender plug-in was introduced with KeyShot 11.1. It won't work with 11.0. You need to update your KS to 11.1 or the most recent 11.2.


Thank you!
Blender 3 isn't supported yet?


The KS site says it works with 2.93, not 2.93 (and above) so, maybe not 3 yet. Can't say for sure. You won't know until you try.


I've gotten the plugin to work with KS 11.2 & blender 3.2, but some pretty basic things (like scale) don't carry over correctly into KeyShot.

Also, some modifiers will come over but not all, and animations are a completely mixed bag (some work, some don't) :/

Feels like the plugin got released to say it was released, but implementation is pretty poor in my experience. It's not reliable enough to replace the OBJ/FBX/ABC export.