Ambient occlusion in AR

Started by Eric Summers, September 16, 2022, 02:06:49 PM

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Eric Summers

Has anybody else had massive issues with ambient occlusion when exporting to USDZ/GLB? My geometry gets covered in these crazy patterns of black shapes. Exporting without AO looks as it should.

It sure would be nice if it worked properly since the AO adds a nice level of detail.


You need a lot of samples to make AO look good. Also take care care of correct normals. AO look pretty good on assets with a few parts or large part (IMHO). AO doesn't work with animated scenes.

May you share a screenshot or sample?

Eric Summers

Here is a very zoomed in look at what I'm getting. This is specifically when exporting for augmented reality. I use ambient occlusion for static images with no problems; it seems to be a USDZ/GLB issue.

Edit: I checked all the parts to make sure the normals were correct before exporting.