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Started by TCP, August 10, 2022, 02:01:15 PM

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Hello everybody.
When I render comfortable rings (internally rounded), the image does not show this curvature, they look flat on the inside. Any tips on how to make the image show that there is a curve inside the jewel?


Does rendering in NURBS mode may help here?


Hello. Yes, I tried with NURBS mode and still the inside looks flat.



With highly reflective materials, such as metals, it is very hard to visually define the shape of objects. There is a good reason why diffuse clay models are often used for lighting and shape studies, for example in the automotive industry :)

To help accentuate the curvature of the ring's inner surface you could perhaps apply a directional texture, like a subtle brushed texture with cylindrical mapping.
I don't think you will have much success with a perfectly polished surface...

Attached are renderings of two versions of the same ring: with a polished and brushed inner surface.



You are absolutely right, thank you. Maybe if in the next versions of KS the reflection of one object was not projected on the other, it would help.