Theragun PRO - By Therabody

Started by sloanelliot, September 29, 2022, 08:24:40 AM

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Hi all!

Sharing another launch animation we did for Therabody, in support of their new Theragun PRO release. Very different vibe from the previous post, a bit more techy but loved playing in the darker space. Please feel free to ask any process questions; this was 100% rendered inside Keyshot. Vimeo links still don't work so you can see it on Behance here:



Creative Director - Animation, Lighting Design, CMF:
Sloan Anderson | @sloan.elliot

Environmental Design, Lighting Design:
Nicolás Robertson | @nicordf

Exploded-View Animation, Modeling:
Spektral Studio | @spektralstudio

Sound Design:
Luca Poletto | @polezsky

Editing, Cutdowns:
Tyson Kroening

Motion Graphics:
Darui Wu



Love to see these awesome images, its neat to see what is possible when a large team is involved. Very different than the one person jobs I work on. Nice!


Thank you! It's been really nice building a consistent team, kinda makes everybody's lives a little easier and pulling projects off in 3-4 weeks is suddenly feasible with the right workflow/pipeline/communication channels, definitely getting easier with every project! As far as Keyshot stuff goes here, this was just Nicolás and I, but damn-- SO much work haha.. Thanks for checking it out.