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Started by TCP, July 07, 2022, 01:51:56 PM

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Hello everybody. I know the forum is about KeyShot, but I know that many here also use other programs to render. For Rhino generated jewelry files (3dm), still images and animations, does KS have the same results as Cinema4D or RedShift?


No two render engines are going to have the "same" results. Also, the results of any software's output depend more on the skills of the person using the software than what each software "can do". Why not download trial versions for each and make your own conclusions?


If not better.

I have tried a couple (Vray, Corona, Octane, Maverick, and some most people haven't heard of) and while some can provide same or better results, it is not only about that. Like I like to say, most render software can produce same(ish) results, but ease of use is my second criteria I look in the render, and I find Keyshot really easy to use.

That being said, it doesn't mean you and I share the same idea of ease of use. Maybe Octane suits you better, I couldn't figure it out, and if I feel like I need to open up tutorials to figure out how to use some tool, to me it means the tool is not intuitive enough (again, for me).

Sadly, Keyshot doesn't offer any jewellery specific scenes or assets, at least not ones worth mentioning. But that will change soon (hint hint Karim)

I've been asked numerous times what software I use for rendering, like that is the most important question. Like TGS808 said, it is not what that software can do, it is what you can do with that software.
It is like asking 'does that ferrari give the same results as that porsche?' it really depends on who is driving the ferrari, and who is driving the porsche. If you were to buy either of the two cars, you'd first sit in it and drive it to see if it feels right for you. Then you will learn to drive it. Same with renders. :D


Keyshot is really great for working fast and can do awesome renders and that's the reason I bought it, it helped me a lot, but I must say that I feel limited on some points and am a little disappointed since the last update so I started looking for alternatives.


I think you'd have to start looking at render engines like LuxCoreRender or Maxwell Render. But Keyshot has pretty good caustics and with the dielectric shader you can get light dispersion as well. It would be great if we could have some compositor effects like sunstars and sparkles as well as being able to set the camera aperture blades number. A render engine with those features built in would be more attractive for jewelry rendering (I would assume, I don't render jewelry myself).


Quote from: ivuzem on July 07, 2022, 04:59:58 PM
But that will change soon (hint hint Karim)

Speak more, please.


I use to use Maxwell for years, but our studio switched to keyshot about 12 years ago.  KS is easy to teach and everyone's results are fairly consistent.  However, I do miss Maxwell for realism - it always looks real - a good real or a horrible realism depending on what you do, but physics were always 99% correct.
Keyshot is fast and forces you to learn a lot of "hacks". KS saves time though!!!, but has limitations - as does every program.

Ivan NX

I saw beautiful renders done in Blender, but learning curve, for me, was close to flat line for first few weeks. In Keyshot I got first good render in same day I installed it.