Automatic template not adding materials/parts

Started by BelliB, October 12, 2022, 10:44:22 PM

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Hi everbody,

I am really struggling with the material templates.
My company has many similar products which only partly differentiate from each other so material templates would be perfect to allocate like 90% of all material with one click.
Though, it is not really working on my end.

If I add an automatic material template based on parts, there will be many parts missing. They just do not appear. If I add them manually, it works superb.
The same happens with templates based on materials which is another big problem as the same part in different cad models have a different original material name so an allocation via material is almost impossible.

Manual templates would be a way out but our products have way more than 100 different parts and creating the templates would probably take more time instead of just adding the same material to the same part again and again.

Do you have any idea what the problem could be here?
I am on Keyshot 10.

Thanks for your help, really appreciated!

PS: I posted this already on another board but it got no attention, there.

Ivan NX

does color works?
I am exporting form Siemens NX and I use color of material to identify what material to add in Keyshot. Also I use model sets for variants and I add new parts in to same model so I can just apply materials I already have.


Creating templates does take time but ultimately worth it. I recently had a similar Assembly with 100s of parts and it took me about an hour to make both the Part and Material templates for the assembly. 

An easy/fast way to manually create a template start with dragging the Parent Assembly from the model set over to the template window and mouse release over "Default" and it should automatically add the parts or materials.  Also if you know the material names then start typing them and KS will auto-fill the name.