KeyShot and BootCamp

Started by Pedro_Julio, February 17, 2010, 12:32:16 PM

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I wanted to post this in the FAQs, but I couldn't post there and this didn't really fit into the other categories, so...

It was possible to install a single Hypershot license onto both the Mac and Windows side of a BootCamped machine.  Is that possible with KeyShot as well?  If so would setting that up work the same way it did before?




The answer is "yes" - as you can find here:

When you buy KeyShot, your license lets you run on either a Mac or a Windows computer.
You do not have to specify which platform when you purchase the software. If you have Windows
installed on your Macintosh computer, you can utilize the same license for either operating system.



I had a demo version installed on both the OSX and Win7 sides of my computer.  I successfully activated the OSX side after receiving my key, but when I boot into Win7, enter my key, and click 'activate' I receive an error message that says:  "The serial code has already been activated on another machine.  To re-activate this serial code please contact [email protected]"


Have you tried copying the license file from the Mac side?

If this is doesn't work please contact [email protected]