Two computers - same file - different result

Started by OveB, December 12, 2011, 03:59:54 AM

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I am using KS 3.0.82 on Win 7 64x and have experienced a few problems when copying a file from one computer to another. I use KS both on my home PC and on my office PC (similar machines) and if I work on a model at home and then copy that to my office PC using an external HD, a number of parts in the model loose the material and/or labels. The same problem if I copy the file from the offie to my home PC.
Have anyone else seen this issue? Doesn't KS keep materials and labels inside the .bip file? Is it related to the graphics card?
The second problem I see is that if I have applied a label to a part in the model and then afterwards change material for that part, the label disappears. It is still there in the material properties but I can't make it visible again. I have to delete it and and add it again. Maybe this is the way it works but it seems a little odd I think.


Can't help on your first question.  On the second, materials take precedence, so all you have to do is double-click on the label icon and reload it.  It should pop back in at the same size and location as it was.
Bill G


For your first question, when you want to transfer to another computer use Save Package instead, .bip holds the geometry, materials, cameras and settings but not the environment, backplate, textures, other maps and labels.



You are most welcome.  Hey, that's what we're all here for!
Bill G