Author Topic: Would Like Visible Coordinate Systems for Each Component When Mapping Textures  (Read 2181 times)

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When I'm mapping a texture or label via the Planar X, Y, or Z mapping option, I'll select "Show Coordinate Legend" under the View menu to help guide the mapping process.  However, if I've rotated an object after import, the "Coordinate Legend" no longer applies to the X, Y, or Z axis of the object.  It may look like I want to map along the Z axis, but since I've rotated the object, it may need to be along the X or Y axis instead.  I often just end up picking each of the different options until I stumble upon the correct one. 

Apparently, each imported part/object keeps it's coordinate system based on how it was imported.  As such, it'd be nice to be able to see the selected part's coordinate system during the mapping process, versus trying to reference the KeyShot environment coordinate legend. ;)