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Upgrade time yet?
« on: January 18, 2012, 08:36:17 am »
Ok all Keyshot 3 animation users with SolidWorks it time to upgrade yet (from 2) or shall I wait a bit longer? I might have a project in the next couple of weeks that needs some animation that looks like it might be easy enough to do in Keyshot (360 spin, bits flying on and off etc) and I certainly did get it to work OK for this kind of thing in beta....but is the SolidWorks 2012 file format sorted yet? I'll also be using HDR Light Studio Live and I'm reading of some issues with that.....when is 3.1 expected?

BTW at the moment we are using Modo for all animation - Keyshot would be just for doing simpler stuff (ie it would be me who would be doing it 'cos I'm rubbish at Modo - I leave that to others).

I did use it in beta and was impressed but most of the stuff we do is a bit more complex that 360 spin explodes - or  - we need to integrate the product into a larger scene so need an app like Modo to do this.

I will update at some point but I'm just not sure about the animation. Maybe update to 3 for stills and wait for 4 for animation? Not sure.