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Animation feedback
« on: March 19, 2012, 06:52:51 am »
I've been testing the animation .. here are my pointers after 1 day of "playing":

Animation still crashes a lot. (sorry to say)
I need animated object-scale !
Zoom in animation window: zoom in on where the time-line-bug is
Add animation should add the block where the time-line-bug is (behind it), not at the start of the animation
When hovering over the time-line-bug on the time-line, make the cursor change to a left-right arrow like it does when you click/drag the line.
If I select multiple layers in the animation and want to re-position them (e.g. at the botom), they jump all over the place
Duplicating an object which has animation screws up the entire animation .. dito for importing the part again.
Project window / scene tab / cameras: double clicking a camera should set it as active camera

I'm rendering it at the moment ... will upload tonight or tomorrow.
I'll test more scenes/setups tomorrow.