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Re: A proper component tree
« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2010, 06:03:51 am »
The duplication happens because the face still has the original material properties of the solid even though the face has a different color. Basically the face has 2 materials properties, one of the face and one of the solid. I’ll talk to our developers to see if that can be changed for the OBJ export.

Myself, I always create a copy of the model file for rendering. I’ve done this with every CAD and rendering software I’ve used. This way I can breakup the CAD model as needed for rendering and I don’t disturb the original CAD model.

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Re: A proper component tree
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Hi John,

Thanks for the input. Yes I could make duplicate files for rendering and in most cases it will probably not be a big deal. But some of my files get in to the 200 to 300 + megabyte range. If I start duplicating all those it will start to starve me of my drive space quicker than I might like. But definitely an option for the smaller files.