Cylindrical Map Issue

Started by jjeconomaki, November 06, 2011, 04:13:36 PM

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I have a micrometer dial that I am trying to map the graduations using the cylindrical map.

This dial has a diameter of .625".  I can project map, uv map, and normal map (none of them work of course). What is the secret to getting cylindrical mapping to work?

I have spent two hours trying everything I know-zero results.




Have you tried it with the cylinder axis in the 'Y' direction (up) while you apply the map?


Yes, applied with Y up. Does not work. There are multiple issues with Cylindrical Map but this one stands out;

The removal of second scaling option in v3 seems to be part of the bug. Why was this removed?

Lastly, restricting cylindrical map to a fixed up axis is unusable--even if it did work.


Rob Woods

Thank heavens someone else is struggling, I've been pulling my hair out with the cylindrical mapping and I thought it was something I was doing wrong.  I'm trying to map a set of numbers around the outside of a knob, but no matter how I scale it, rotate it or translate it, the dam thing will just not work.  I've tried rotating the part and applying the artwork again, but it still just seems to do what it wants.  This is so frustrating, can someone please let me know how I'm supposed to do this?



You are not alone - many have struggled to get this to work reliably and there have been several posts on this subject lately.

It is accepted by Luxion/Keyshot that there are issues with  the cylindrical mapping tool.
They are on to it and I'm sure they'll want to get it fixed sooner rather than later  ;)


I was in San Diego earlier this week and stopped by the SolidWorks convention at the San Diego Convention Center.  Ran into the KeyShot crew and they were all excited about what is coming down the road--that part remains secret but not for long.

What is really exciting to me (considering how many times I have complained about this single subject) is that they have fixed Cylindrical Mapping!!!!  I saw it work with my own eyes and it is an impressive fix. Coming soon in 3.1.

Really nice group of folks and next time I have something that needs to be fixed I will use more diplomatic language....

It was nice to put names with the faces.



Thanks John, was great to meet you in person, too!