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Auxiliary View Window(s)
« on: February 05, 2012, 01:56:31 pm »
Last week I really could have used an auxiliary orthographic view window in order to set up my project scenes.  In order to place additional light and reflection cards I had to continually zoom-in, zoom-out, cycle through multiple views and then back to my main camera view to approximate my set-up and then fine tune through numeric adjustments.  I eventually got there, it was just a bit tedious.  Moreover, after hiding my emissive light cards from camera view, I kept inadvertantly selecting them and changing their materials instead of the model components I was trying to change.  It left me feeling like I was learning the software all over again.

Optimally, an Auxiliary View Window would allow me:
- to more more efficiently zoom out and see my entire scene (models, light cards, floor size, and even environment sphere)so that I could manipulate those items while watching their effect in my main camera view window.
- the ability to view and manipulate models in "performance mode", or even as bounding boxes
- the ability to toggle to different orthographic views in this window (or really this window could just be another camera view of any type)
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