Applying a single label to a surface... not the part?

Started by zeezus, February 23, 2012, 04:03:46 AM

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Hi, I have a product I am trying to apply a company logo to but the problem is the label is applied multiple times to the same part amongst its various beams.  I have tried all the settings I can find in Keyshot 3.0.99 but there seems to be no way to apply the label to just a single surface.

attached is a screenshot of the problem, as you can see the 'NRH ENGINEERING' Logo is repeated over the 3 beams, and I just want it on the outside one (the closest)

Any help/suggestions? I would just add them in photoshop after but I was hoping to test out the animation feature with this and it wouldnt look anywhere near as good without the logos!

Thanks in advance

Chad Holton

Are you using planar mapping? Try normal mapping to place it on the one surface.


Have tried all the different mapping options, all of them produce the same or similar outcomes :(

Chad Holton

Do you have the depth turned way up under "Label Properties"? Try cranking that down to around .100. Let me know if that helps.


Ahh yes! I had to turn it all the way down to 0.05 to get the best result, I had previously adjusted this but not to such a fine measure!

Thanks very much for the help.