If I buy v1.9 now...

Started by hdstudio, May 10, 2010, 08:18:34 AM

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Plus KeyShot is built on proven technology. There are thousands of HyperShot/KeyShot customers using the product in production every day.

So - as you know - KeyShot is meeting most of your requirements - today!


If you are using Mac OSX there is only one game in town. Keyshot.


Alright  :D ....you convinced me.  I just purchased a seat of KeyShot from Novedge.  They responded the quickest, budged a little on the price and said that they would get the licensing code to me today.

Looking forward to digging in a little deeper with KeyShot this weekend.  I'm also learning Rhino via the helpful tutorials posted by Adam O'Hern...

Adam's Rhino syllabus link... http://bit.ly/cQs0ay

Adam's Rhino (basics) week 1... http://bit.ly/dsdNif

Thanks for the help!