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Started by Ryan Fenik, March 29, 2012, 02:53:33 PM

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Ryan Fenik

We have a number of products that we are looking to animate and render with Keyshot.  One of the problems we have experienced is the amount of time that it takes to render animations, with our models at 1920x1080 resolution at high quality it takes about 2-2.5 minutes per frame, and slows down my computer to the extent where it disrupts my normal work.  At this rate, I'll need hundreds of hours of rendering time to fully complete the project that I'm looking to do. 

To speed this process up, I would like to utilize a cloud-computing service (such as Amazon) to take the rendering off site, where I could simply add files to the queue and download the finished rendered frames.  Has anyone else utilized rendering farms, and are there any suggestions for appropriate companies that would be able to do this?  Thanks.