Cannot import whole model into keyshot!

Started by jonnyjohnson, March 25, 2012, 05:44:29 AM

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Hi I am having problems importing my whole model (obj.) from Zbrush to Keyshot. When I merge my objects together (just a sphere, cube and cylinder) I export the obj. open keyshot Import the obj, and only one of the objects, (a sphere) where did theothers go? lol

Its really frustrating!!!!

Any help would be great guys thankyou!


Can you share the obj file? There should not be any issues importing multiple objects from an obj file.


Please send us the obj file. It may be a problem within the obj file.


I have the same issue with obj files after the update. Things are not importing properly. I had an older update still on the harddrive, reinstalled that, and the obj files are okay again. It's definitely an issue with the 3.1 update.