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Offline wabbit

I designed a watch for Keyshot. It connects wirelessly to your computer. When you are ready to render press the teapot on the watch to start the rendering. Progress of your rendering can be monitored by the leds on the dial of the watch so you can get away from your computer and go outside. Since it's a concept I gave it tourbillon movement for extra class.

Offline abedsabeh

Great concept....I love it!!

Offline Speedster

Very clever and useful!  And I love the ID concept presentation!  Since it connects to your computer, maybe you could add about another 12 CPU's.
Bill G

Offline PhilippeV8

I want one ! ;)

Offline CAClark

That's pretty cool! It's a very modern and clean design :) I think some more cool metals on there might be nice.


Offline wabbit

Thanks. I'll do some more renderings of this watch later this week or next.

Offline PhilippeV8

When do you launch this on kickstarter ?  8)

Offline wabbit

I don't know.

Hey Keyshot guys lets talk. I've got the contacts to make something like this a reality if you are interested. ;)

Offline wabbit

More views

If you are interested the background was done by modelling some twisted loft surfaces in solidworks. Then I applied the thin film material and played with the settings.
In the previous white render I used the x-ray material.