Keyshot as logo design tool

Started by NormanHadley, May 04, 2012, 12:35:30 AM

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The more you look at Keyshot, the more possibilities open up as to what you can do. I don't mean experimenting with emissives or translucency - I mean the different messages it can convey from one human brain to another.

One of my hobbies is cycling and I've recently become co-editor of a website for sharing cycling routes both on- and off-road. We called the thing ...for no better reason than that it's based in Northern England.

So, how do you convey the twin ideas of North and cycling in one image? Tricky, but it was fun trying...


I recently did these ... no logo's, but icons .. which is somewhat similar.


Great work, Philippe. I particularly like the ear. I had a go at something similar with the "buy" button on my writing website The site, of course, has loads of Keyshot built into it. Why wouldn't it?


This is definitely a great use for KeyShot.

One thing I notice on the pedalnorth logo is that there is a bit of shadow getting clipped off around the edges, most noticeably on the top and left sides. You may want to take the image into photoshop (or any other editing tool) and carefully erase/soften the shadow in those areas.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jeff. It's the first time I've noticed you can set the colour of the shadows so I've set them to a soft lilac.