Network Render Crash

Started by Robb63, April 23, 2012, 05:29:31 AM

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I've been trying out the Network Rendering (which is awesome!!).

Yesterday I had setup around 16-20 renders in the queue then sent sent them to the network renderer. While it was prepping itself the Network Render (I'll call it NW from here on out) program stopped working. After I restarted it, it did finish prepping the files and went through the whole render process. There were two files that didn't have a preview in the NW queue and it hung on the first one of those so I deleted both and the queue finished just like it should.

I'm running windows on my computer on an 80Gb SSD. Keyshot, and the NW program are installed on a larger second drive. I had about 6GB free on the SSD before the crash. After the crash I got a warning that I only had 158MB free. I let the renders finish, then deleted the rendered files from the NW queue and restarted the computer but that only took my SSD to 2.5GB free. Do you know where I could find the 4Gb file sitting on my SSD?


That extra data is probably being stored in C:\Users\Public\Documents\KeyShot Render Node

Check in the Master and Slave folders for numbered folders. These represent the jobs in the queue and can be deleted manually if needed. Restart the master after any deleting.