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Contest Submission
« on: May 23, 2012, 09:53:34 pm »
Here is my submission. 

This rendering consists of 4 models downloaded from GrabCad.  I would like to thank:
Sylvain Gerber for the First watch on the left. The Diesel watch.
Saeed Kazmei for the next watch over. The Tissot watch.
Jerod H. for the third watch over. The Welder watch.
Serkan Iskender for the Pocket watch. Simply labeled "clock".

I imported all these watches into Keycreator (the modeling software I use) and had to do some modifications for the faces to read properly into Keyshot and not be part of a collective. I then created my own box around them with my own pillow blocks to support them in the case. It took 20 seperate import files to get this all into Keyshot as separate items for me to then work with rendering. I wanted to utilize as much of the materials as seemed reasonably possible and was able to place Glass, Metals, Paints, Wood, and Cloth and still keep it elegant and stylish as the guideline points out. I unfortunately don't have any sort of post editing software in my arsenal so it goes directly from my modeling software (with no textures) and into Keyshot, and then the final rendering is what you see. It has taken a long time to get here because of my slower computer and I was not able to compete in the animation part of it simply because of a lack of power. I would like to thank Keyshot for the temporary license to be able to compete in this competition. It has been fun seeing the incredible talent around here. I wish everyone good luck!


Jason Brown


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Re: Contest Submission
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2012, 10:14:37 am »
Another image at a close up and angle.

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Re: Contest Submission
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2012, 10:19:47 am »
My initial design was a bit "construed" because I failed to read the "style and elegance" as a theme guidelines. So off I went trying something "fun" and it turned out OK but luckily I caught the error of my ways before I submitted it. 

Anyways, I thought I would post what I did initially. It's just for fun, so have a laugh and enjoy the day.


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Re: Contest Submission
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2012, 12:21:36 pm »
Jason, you did a great job with your limited resources!  Very clever presentation of a "salesman's sample" case.  Love the KeyShot watch!  And, as to the fun image- yep, we all would agree!
Bill G

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Re: Contest Submission
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2012, 06:26:48 am »
Thanks Speedster! Appreciate the feedback. If only this were another month or two down the road. I am currently shopping for my new (much, much faster) computer and would have loved to render that box opening as an animation. O well, you do what you can.

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new image
« Reply #5 on: May 26, 2012, 08:14:33 pm »
Here is one more shot of the case of watches with only a couple of changes because my materials had to change a little. My previous images were all from the trial version of the latest Keyshot.  This one is directly from my Keyshot version 1.9.54 with no after effects or post anything. (again, I don't have those options or I would use them) I put just a touch of focal distance on this one just to see how it would turn out. The backplate is actually my desk.

It's only 10:13 pm my time so I hope it's still submittable. Maybe I'll get extra points for using the "old school" Keyshot??   ;) ;)