KeyShot 2012 3D Rendering Contest Guidelines

Started by Josh3D, April 25, 2012, 02:54:09 PM

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Could you provide a version of the watch file that runs on Keyshot 2.3?


Thanks Jeff.

I hadn't thought of it that way since I already have a license, even though it's for an older version. PM sent.

- Jason


Hello, i have a question about the contest.
Can we use customized materials (textures, labels, alpha...) ? or we've to use the default materials?. And, if we use customized materiales; Can we use any Label, for example a logo of an international well-known brand? And Background, just the default or can we design it or download from internet...


Of court you can use your own materials, textures etc. You can use whatever you like. You may want to be careful with the logos of other brands. These companies usually don't like this, and could prevent us from posting an image.


My name is Joseph, I am an Industrial Design student at Walla Walla University. Over the last few days I have seen many of the entries already posted in the forum. An after viewing several entries I thought that KeyShot should of split up the judging between professionals and students. Only so that the skill-set can be judged correctly. Maybe KeyShot could put up an educational prize for people who are students. I know I will be submitting an entry tomorrow, so wish me the best of luck.



Thanks Joseph! Great idea and one we'll definitely consider.



hey Josh3D,

have a question about deadline, it was said Saturday May 26th, Midnight PST.

is that mean Sunday 27th, about 8 a.m. GMT +1, am I right?