Interior Renderings recommandation

Started by seblezinzin, May 30, 2012, 12:36:22 AM

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Hello, I made renderings for a boat interior, but I'm not satisfy by them.
I know that Keyshot isn't the best soft for the interior renderings, but Have you any recommandations to increase the realism of mine ?
Even After photoshop modidifications, Renderings are too hue.....

What do you think about this ?



I have the same concerns and questions that you, for interior renderings.

I think your work is very well anyway.

It just seems to me, there's a bit too reflective materials.
Some areas are burned.
Trying to change smoothly, the factor: gamma and brightness and contrast of your hdri.



Thank you,
Concerning the reflective materials, I know, but the customer want ultra glossy wood.

For the HDRI gamma and brightness, I already changed them.
But If I decrease the brightness, I delete burned area, but I loose details in dark areas.
And If I change gamma, the wood color become horrible.


Hi, I come from the interiors market on the aircraft side. very similar. With lighting, if you look at actual photos, you will hardly ever see the rays of light (at least in the professional photos we had of many aircraft interiors), but you would get a glow. You can produce this to an extent with emissive material and the Bloom effect in KeyShot. I think your shots are looking great, but could use perhaps a bit more contrast in certain areas.