Import 3D CAD Perpendicular to Monitor

Started by Geust_:), June 20, 2012, 05:35:53 PM

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Is there a way to import a 3D CAD so that the Z is perpendicular to the computer monitor and not Isometric?



I am not sure I fully understand what you mean.


In an Autocad drawing, you have the X,Y,Z coordinates. The "X" and "Y" being the 2D plane, and the "Z" coordinate gives the model its 3 dimensional properties. In other words, if I drew 2 lines on a flat piece of paper depicting a cross, one line would represent the X and one line would represent the Y. If for example I hold the pencil vertical on that piece of paper where the two lines intersect, the pencil would represent the Z coordinate, which gives the model that 3 Dimensional properties.

What I would like to have when I import a drawing to "Keyshot" is to have the Z coordinate perpendicular to my screen with the X&Y coordinate flat as if looking down on the sheet of paper.

Keyshot always asks which coordinate (X,Y,Z) is "UP" when importing and displays the model in a rotated configuration.

I have tried to achieve what I described above but to no avail.

I hope I explained that much more clearly. Thank you.


You can take one of the predefined view in the camera view and look straight down onto your object. Will this work for you?


Under the "View" pull down > "Camera" tab, there is a "view orientation" option button. Select "Top".

Thank you


you can switch to "Top", then also check the "orthographic" box to get a true plan view