Alias Wire file import no longer uses layer to group

Started by dalejsmith, May 19, 2012, 01:50:31 PM

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Why is the group by layer function gone? I am glad that there is recognition of grouping from the wire file now, by why delete the layer function????


Layers are recognized by default. The importer will look at layers first and then at the individual shaders. If your model is not grouped inside ALIAS you want to make sure you use the "Shader" import option that will group surfaces with the same shader on a layer into a single material group.


ok, I will take a look at this as soon as I can


I got to mess around with the new updated version somewhat today, and came to my own personal conclusion that might differ from rest of those who are using it.

I REGRET updating to the newest version from 3.1.48 and I will tell you why.

Newest version (3.2) seems like its way tooooo buggy, no joke, even the simple things like moving pieces of the model became so complicated you can lose your hair by the time you get it to work, unless restarting KeyShot does not bother you, in which case for me, every second of being productive counts!

When you move model around, and you hit "accept" key, the model randomly jumps around and does not stay in its position/place, same with scaling the model.  Second, the RENDER feature does not render bump mapped textures properly and does not recognize labels any longer, You see one thing on the scree, with bump map, labels, you like how it looks, click render... WAIT few min and you will get completely different result when rendering finishes! It will not process your labels or bump map properly (mostly didnt show up on any of my trial renderings)

Material break ups,  OMG! what a PAIN! I cant stress enough to how much I wanted to give KeyShot support team a call and just tell them my piece of my mind! I cant believe they released something that haven't been tested internally would be my guess! Alias layers do not stay together any more, ever model i imported today got screwed up so badly I started to look for alternative rendering software programs to replace KeyShot. 

KeyShot just released their biggest FAIL BOAT update of all times! nothing works properly, what took me 10 minutes to do in previous version now takes me 1hr if not longer, pending on the complexity of my model. Having to relink all of the materials, finding those darn materials and layers that come in linked when you don't want them to is a pain! having to restructure your model just to get the grouping right is a disaster!!!

For those of you who haven't updated yet from your previous version.. I recommend to stay away from this latest update! its a total Failure at its best!

Will look into backing up my files and work on bringing my earlier version back... If for some reason I wont be able to, I will move away from KeyShot for good this time.

Disapointed Disappointed Dissapointed... enough said.


Can you share an example where the bump maps and/or labels don't show up, so we can reproduce the issue?

As far as moving the object goes, we will look into it.

As far as import of ALIAS goes, I am not sure I understand what the issue is. Can you share an example? This has been jointly developed with customers, and tested as we went along. But if something is not working please let us know. Can you share an example and tell us what is not working properly?

Please contact [email protected] for any issues that you may have - that's what support is for.


I can share many examples of the bump maps not working... for example, I had a nice round service that I wanted to put texture on it, double clicked on the material, applied custom bump map, scaled it, adjusted height, all looks good on the screen... Click RENDER, and the scale of the bump map from what you see on the screen/ rendering results are not the same, the scale is WAY off when you actually render it, it just doesn't sync for me for some reason, and label, well they dont show up at all when you render... I dont know any other way to explain it, scale of the bump map is not consistent before/after rendering.

Moving objects, select specific layers of the model you want to move, click move ... start dragging.. okay i like where its at now.. hit accept.. it moves the model who knows where! it just jumps around the screen, you have to play the guessing game in order to finally get yoru model to the position you want it to, restarted keyshot 3 times, and after first few "moves that worked properly" it started doing same thing!

Grouping layers, I spend time in alias and break up the materials for a reason, I dont want to do the same thing when i import the model to keyshot! That extra junk that it lets you have control over is useless for many of us, but when you UNLINK em, you have to apply the shader to every single piece of surface, unless you go back and relink the whole "layer" again.  I like how the earlier version was, you break all of the main surfaces in Alias, you import it into Keyshot, dont have to worry about all of the little surfaces that make up the BIG surface! all the corners, all the filets, just nuts!


Do you have an example file from ALIAS - it can be simple.

The ALIAS importer works the following way:

- KeyShot looks at all layer information first, and then at all the objects on the layer.
- If objects are not grouped, make sure to select "shader" upon import in the advanced settings. This will group all objects on a layer that have the same shader.

I noticed that there is an option called "keep individual parts" - that shouldn't be there, so you don't want to push it. We will remove it.

We will check into the other issues. As far as rendering goes - what rendering mode are you using? Default, in background, queue?

Thanks, Thomas


Rendering stuff in Queue 80% of the time doesn't recognize the bumpmap and labels, really frustrating, after saving 10+ views to render in Queue, just to find out next morning that all of them rendered with a different bump map scale than what was shown the screen with label not showing up at all makes life very difficult here, as most renders are left over night due to scale/quality we need them in.

Please look into "moving parts around" not working properly, model tends to jump around
Labels not coming up in final renderings (give me your email, ill send you an image i Screen Captured to show you proof)
Way to import the Alias model with the Layers not linking together during import.. but to import the model and having KeyShot respect the layers that were created in Alias ( for example, when i import some of my models right now, Lets say I had 5 different layers in Alias making up 5 different surface treatments, after I import it into KeyShot, key shot combines layer 1, 2, 4 as ONE solid surface, and then keeps the layer 3 and 5 seperate like i wanted... having to go back and figure out what was on layer 2/4 to seperate it again in KeyShot is a pain... because most models I work on have over 40 layers.. and having to go back and figure out why 14 layers linked together when they weren't suppose to is a down fall of Key Shot and the new update in my opinion) I see where you guys were going with it.. but it DOES NOT work properly at this right moment... please fix it ASAP other wise people like me will have to start working weekends just to keep up with the work flow that previously was NP with earlier Key Shot versions.



keypro - can you please provide an example ALIAS file that shows the import issue? Send to [email protected]



Yes, this is pain!

Please take away the option to apply materials to specific surfaces and only make it work on the shader/layer principle.

I agree that this latest version has made the alias-keyshot workflow extremely cumbersome and counter intuitive.

Sometimes all parts are linked on import and sometimes they're not, regardless of layers. You can unlink them in the "project lister" but that can also unlink the individual surfaces

Please make this work the way it used to